ChaoZhuyin (Paid Version) Android Apps Full Download

ChaoZhuyin (Paid Version) Android Apps Full Version Free Download


ChaoZhuyin (Paid Version) Android Apps Full Download


ChaoZhuyin (Paid Version) Android Apps.

  • This is paid-version of new ChaoZhuyin.
  • The license is learned independently with the free download version, kindly remember what you bought.
  • Chaozhuyin is the greatest Chinese phonetic sign Input Method (Bopomofo IME) on Android platform. It is very simple to use with zero learning curve.


  • To input a Chinese expression, you only want to input the first phonetic sign of each word, and you can add any persist signs randomly to narrow down the applicants you may want.
  • Offer numerous types of skins and colors of the soft keyboard.

NEW! Proximity correction:

  • it’ll quickly predict what word or phrase you need to input from neighbor keys.
  • NEW! Snatching keyboard!
  • Latest! English input method.
  • NEW! Keyboard fan-shaped picker.
  • NEW! Applicant collection drop down.
  • NEW! You can eliminate your user phrase now. (By snatching down on the phrase to be deleted.)
  • NEW! Yitian keyboard design.
  • Latest! Down/up/right/left arrow keys, and voice recognition button.
  • NEW! Exchange the system phrase database file to and from SD card.
  • Latest! Backup/restore user phrase manually.
  • You can create your own phrases into database, and keep them to cloud by Android Backup Service.
  • With unlimited functionality of word or phrase guessing.
  • Lexicon comprises all the cities, streets, and roads name all around Taiwan.
  • It Support mobile and tablet devices, along with support hard keyboard.
  • Capable to import Chinese names in your contacts.
  • Capable to output Simplified Chinese.
  • It Support Android 1.6+.

ChaoZhuyin (Paid Version) Android Apps Screen Shots:

ChaoZhuyin (Paid Version) Android Apps Full Download

ChaoZhuyin (Paid Version) Android Apps Full Download

 What’s New?

  • Fix a color chooser showing problem.
  • Fix a NPE problem.
  • Fix the improper background color of accurate arrow in applicant bar.

Version 2.6 changes:

  • Saturated color chooser: currently you can select any keyboard color by yourself.
  • You can select imperfect section of text by pressing “Start Select” to begin the selection.
  • Fix the difficulty of not going back to the previous page of cheery keyboard you were in.
  • Add extra page of smiley symbols.

More Information and Screen Shots are Available on Google Play.

ChaoZhuyin (Paid Version) Android Apps Full Download From=>lockfiles

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ChaoZhuyin (Paid Version) Android Apps Full Download.

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