Andy the Android Emulator Offline Installer Free Download

Andy the Android Emulator Offline Installer incl OS Full Free Download

Andy the Android Emulator Review Free Download

Andy the Android Emulator Offline Installer:

Its a packed featured mobile OS that runs on any Mac or Windows system, and in the Cloud it splits the obstruction between desktop and mobile computing, while keeping you update with the most recent Android OS feature upgrades. It also gives users with limitless storage space, system support, and the autonomy to run the most accepted Android apps on a desktop. Gratitude to flawless connection among desktop and mobile, you can obtain a SnapChat phone image on the road and glimpse it on your system at home. Andy the Android syncs to the consumer’s Google play account through the cloud.

This means that you don’t drop app record amid an app on your phone and the identical app on your desktop. Your devices are synced with Andy OS, so every app you sprint on Andy OS, you can run on your phone and vise versa.Andy OS, an Android emulator, allows you to run mobile apps and games in a sandboxed custom build of Android on your Windows desktop.


Andy the Android Emulator Offline Installer Free Download

Andy the Android Emulator Offline Installer Full Free Download

Features of Andy the Android Emulator Offline Installer:

Full Android experience:

While other Android emulators only allow you imitate individual apps over a tradition user interface, Andy OS allows you in on the complete Android experience.

Wide range of app compatibility:

Full emulation means Andy can run any apps in the Google Play store. Notifications, app side loading  and even rooting are achievable if you have the knowledge.

Advanced options:

Built on top of open source Oracle VM VirtualBox, Andy is completely customizable, provided you have the technological know how. New system’s are prevailing adequate that you can squeeze the virtual device to run at much superior hardware settings than the standard preset for a smoother Android experience.

Remote control:

With the Andy Remote Control app, you can use your Android phone or tablet as a controller to play games wirelessly.

Runs Jelly Bean:

Andy OS is presently running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, one of the more accepted Android versions that is now a bit out-of-date. If you’ve been working on KitKat or Lollipop, you’ll have to wait a bit longer until they come to Andy.

What’s new in version?


  • Updated for latest GAPPS, and prolonged Google app support.
  • Condensed source procedure radically and enhanced performance.
  • Permit aptitude to put Custom DPI.
  • Aptitude to amass Default vbox VM Location to any drive/folder.
  • Enhanced interface speed.
  • Optimized graphics settings (recommend using 1 core).
  • Enhanced Andy Network Speeds.
  • Exclusive IDs are now correctly allocated and griped.
  • Fixed application shortcuts.
  • Fixed French AZERTY keyboard layout.
  • Added support for UK English keyboard layout.
  • Location is now more precise.
  • Fixes and quality of life developments to camera and mic.
  • Fixed problems with copy/paste.
  • Fixed issues with zoom.
  • Updated center applications.
  • Enhanced app support.

HandyAndy and Installer:

  • Installer now prompts to restore Oracle VM Virtualbox if it is already installed.
  • Fixed issue with Term Shell not connecting on some machines with UAC turned off.
  • Backup/restore is back and fully working.


Andy offers a fully functional Android experience on your Windows laptop or desktop, or Mac. It comes with a Google Play Store app, which means you don’t need to look for a third-party app store to download your apps and games.

By Dan Vlasic on 7 November 2014 at download3k

great android emulator it works fast and very useful for apps like snapchat and playing games.

By facesounds on February 19, 2015 at

Full Video Tutorial Andy the Android Emulator:

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